Assets or People Location, Tracking and Tracing

 Plate-forme innovante qui permet le suivi et le traçage d’individus, d’animaux ou d’objets à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur avec des dispositifs BLE, pour les statistiques et le perfectionnement des processus.

Have a real-time location system at a fraction of the cost of other competitors with WiFi or RFID-based systems

Study of requirements and locations to be monitored and quick required hardware installation and configuration for its management with the tools

Simple and intuitive elements and assets configuration from the Platform interface with your user account

Resource Protection – Surveillance areas are established generating warnings and alarms programmed according to pre-established parameters (for example, when an individual or object leaves the assigned area or takes too long without moving from the same place, subtraction of objects, etc.).

Presence control – It allows presence control and employees access, hourly reports (entries/exits), permanence times in the building, and all this in a non-intrusive way, without the need for active employee intervention.

Location of people and objects – It supplies the counting and location of people and objects, as well as the traceability of their movements, where they have passed, where they have remained the longest, etc., all for statistical purposes, facilitating the optimization of spaces and places of transit.

Security – Being able to know in real time the people and objects location it is possible to optimize the response and better plan the resources of organization for rescue in case of special events or disasters.

Logistics – It allows to know where the monitored objects are at all times and their routes, facilitating their inventory and avoiding their loss.


Hardware connectivity: control of physical actuators (relays) that allow devices to be activated/deactivated according to pre-configured parameters (for example, turning lights off when no one is in a room, turning them on when a person is detected, etc.)

Software Connectivity: through an API with external applications for decision making and actions. For example, connection with an IVR telephony system for warning calls, know statistics by phone, etc.