Solution complète, senseurs et connexion au cloud

A complete sensing solution for simple, scalable IoT

Smart, wireless mini-sensors designed for digital transformation

Connecting devices is only step one of IoT. The real value comes from unlocking the data you need to make smart decisions. See how real-time sensor data helps you optimize asset performance, lower maintenance and inventory costs, manage energy use, and improve safety and comfort.

The world’s smallest IoT Sensor breaks performance boundaries

                  Small and light sensors                                     Long battery life                               Extraordinary range

Answers everywhere, for every industry

  • Constantly collect data, like temperature, touch, and proximity
  • Gain insights into operations and service satisfaction
  • Get advance notice of potential problems
  • Make data-backed decisions in real time


Install 100+ sensors in just one hour

Sensors use existing infrastructure, eliminating the need to rip and replace so deployment is fast and cost efficient.